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March 2011 - Official tour poster soon!!!

Crawling out from the deep woods of Finland, FINNTROLL's music is the truest form of Pagan Folk Metal today. Sinister guitar riffs combined with devil-driven drums, wrap themselves in folkish melodies while traditional Finnish "humppa" (polka) style, are passed from drums to keyboards to mark FINNTROLL's distinctive style.

FINNTROLL’s new album, a storm of old-world-laden, folk-rooted metal called "Nifelvind", is accompanied by their trademark sound, lots of never-before-heard instruments in the metal-scene, folklore and legends that make it overall the most versatile album FINNTROLL have created so far. The album is a celebration of those myths, some new some ageless. Some true, some complete nonsense. That is the nature of folklore.

It is with unparalleld anticipation that finally FINNTROLL descend from the far northern corners to the great southern lands of Australia, on a crusade to mark a series of trollish sessions with a swath of mayhem & bedlam. With the mission to spill forth wave after wave of blistering arctic savagery and folkish melodies, FINNTROLL are firmly set to leave a lasting impression with their majestic creations.


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